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Hiway Hauler 1174 – 83mm – 1988

This short bobtail inter-city delivery truck has a metal chassis, white plastic box on the chassis with opening doors, browned-out plastic windows, bw and was made in Hong Kong.


The North American Van Lines and Pennzoil Haulers can be found with either two or four lights on the rear of the box. All releases after the Pennzoil came with only four lights.

There are three different rear wheel holds for the Generation 1 Haulers. The 1979 Haulers had the top rear wheel hold (Metal / Glued in and to the wheel shaft), the middle one was for 1979 Haulers for Canada, France, European (Blank with no hole) and the bottom one was on 1981 Haulers

a. white, red & blue design “North American Van Lines” on box

Richie a 01.jpg

Workhorses (left facing hauler)


Workhorses (right facing hauler)

a - city gift pack.jpg

City Gift Pack

a2 close.jpg

a2. same as a, small “Van” Lines on cab



a3. same as a (1985), France

a3 back.jpg

Flying Colors (French)

a3 02.jpg

Flying Colors (French) without sticker

Kevin a3 01.jpg

Country ground off on French release


b. yellow, white box, red, yellow & black Pennzoil design on sides; gray-tented windshield, black interior (1982)



b - right facing.jpg

Workhorses (Right facing Hauler)

Richie b 01.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Paint Style

Richie b 02.jpg

Workhorses w/ Moving Part


Flying Colors (French)

Penn European.jpg

Workhorses (European)

b2. yellow, same as b, clear windows (1982)

Richie b City 01.jpg

City Machines 6 Pack

b City 2.jpg

City Machines 6 Pack

b -  6 Car European.jpg

City Machines 6 Pack - European


b3. yellow, same as b, tented windows, Malaysia (1982)

b 03.jpg

b*.(unlisted variation) blacked out windows

Kevin clear windshield with brown interi

b*.(unlisted variation) clear windows, brown interior

c. green, same as b; white box, green & red Mountain Dew design on sides (1983)

Richie c 02.jpg

Workhorses w/ Moving Part (Left)

Richie c.jpg

Workhorses w/ Moving Part (Right)

c City Gift Pack.jpg

City Gift Pack


City Gift Pack (French)


c2. green, same as c, dark green and dark red tampo, International only (1983)

Workhorses (International)

c French.jpg

Workhorses (French)

c Multilingual.jpg

Workhorses (European)


d. yellow, same as b, yellow box, red, olive green & black Mayflower design on box (1984)

d 01.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Paint Style

d orange.jpg

Workhorses (Orange) w/ Moving Part

d red.jpg

Workhorses (Red) w/ Moving Part

Mayflower Int.jpg

Workhorses (French)

d city.jpg

City Gift Pack

Richie d french.jpg

Workhorses (French)

e. 9549, white, same as c; white box, red, yellow & blue stripe design; HW logo & “Racing Team” on sides (1985)

Richie e 02.jpg

Workhorses w/ Moving Part

e - new paint.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Paint Style

Kevin e 01.jpg

Workhorses (French)

e french.jpg

Workhorses (French)


City Gift Pack

f. 2548, white, same as c; white box, red, turquoise & black design; “Masters of the Universe Toy Delivery” on sides (1986)

Richie f.jpg

Workhorses w/ Moving Part

f 02.jpg

Workhorses (left facing Hauler)

f 01.jpg

Workhorses (Right facing Hauler)

f French.jpg

Workhorses (French)

g. 1565, dark blue, same as c; white box, red, black & blue design; “Goodyear Racing Tires” & race car on sides (1987)

Richie g.jpg


g 01.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Paint Style

h. 5144, white, same as c; white box, red & blue design, ”NASA” & “Space Shuttle Ground Support” on sides, black interior (1988)

Richie h 02.jpg


Richie h 01.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Paint Style

i. 2806, red, same as c; white box, red & blue Pepsi design on sides, design is 36mm long (1989)

Richie i 01.jpg


Australian Rainbow box 1.jpg

Australian Rainbow box series

i2. same as i, Pepsi design is 53mm long (1989)

i2 01.jpg


i2 03.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Model (racing left)

Richie i2 01.jpg

Workhorses w/ New Model (racing right)

i2 04.jpg

Blue card #24 w/ New Paint Style

j. 1174, turquoise, same as c; white box, red, turquoise & yellow design, “Ocean Pacific Delivery” on sides, blue tinted windshield, tan interior (1990)

j - workhorse.jpg


j - new paint.jpg

Blue card #24 w/ New Paint Style

j - points.jpg

Blue card #24 (Speed Points)


Blue card #24 w/ New Paint Style (Speed Points)

j - 30 car.jpg

30 Car Value Pack

k. 4969, blue, same as c; white box, blue & red tampo: ”Goodyear” on sides, only in International boxed line (1991)


Blue card box

k sticker.jpg

Blue card box w/David Hasselhoff sticker

l. no number, white, blue tampo: “Wal-Mart” & “Low Prices Every Day” on sides, made only for Wal-Mart; Wal-Mart playset only (1991)


Box turns into Walmart building

m. white, white box, “Jewel” in yellow; black circle “Freshness Guaranteed” in white & multi-colored produce; dark tented windows, sp5, China. Jewel 2-pack only (1996)

Jewel 2-Paks included

* 80's Firebird

* Buick Stocker

* Ford Thunderbird

* GT Racer

* Pontiac Fiero

m 80s Firebird.jpg

'80's Firebird

m Buick Stocker.jpg

Buick Stocker

m Fiero 2M4.jpg

Fiero 2M4

m GT Racer.jpg

GT Racer

m Velocitor.jpg


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