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Custom Hiway Haulers

Below are some pictures of custom made Hiway Haulers. These will be Haulers that are not on the Code 3 page for convention Haulers. If you design customs and would like to have your Haulers added, just send me pictures, any information and links to your site or Facebook page and I will get them added.

My name is Chris, of Chris Stanglers Customs. I have been in and out of customizing over the past 20 years. I am enjoying the people, the work and the thrill of creating custom designs for people in the diecast world. Please contact me if your in the need of a 1/64 scale Diecast custom from a one of one, or a larger order. Just shoot me an email and we can talk details. thanks (From Facebook "About Me")

Nightstalker 01.jpg

My name is NightStalker. I am a freelance toy designer and do graphics, design, and packaging for diecast toy companies. Johnny Lightning, Mattel HotWheels, Carroll Shelby of Shelby Collectibles, and my new diecast company Alien Projects. Why toys? They say if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life. When it comes to work, I want to have fun. Anyone who makes toys is obviously having fun. I have some of my work in the Peterson Automotive Museum in LA. Foose Designs has my set on display there, and worked with the Hot Wheels international shows in Mexico and Japan doing the cars and signing autographs. I had my cars sold in various stores around the world, won over 50 trophys in various classes, been in many magazines, and was inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame in Feb 2009 in Las Vegas. As well as Cusotmizer of the Year for 2013. I have been around the world, and met a lot of great people. Also I sell my own signature line of custom limited HotWheels cars. I get to travel around the world and have a blast while doing it. (From Facebook "About Me")


You can also find work from NightStalker on the Custon - Code 3 Nationals & Convention, Event and Club pages.

Built for Now, Then & Forever Collectibles and Gift Shop

by Shane Farmer at Shadie Tree Costomz

M&S - HarleyDavidson.jpg

by M&S Customs - Harley Davidson

Dougs - LoneStarBeer.jpg

by Doug's Limited Customs - Lone Star Beer

Dougs - Pepsi.jpg

by Doug's Limited Customs - Pepsi

Dougs - StPauliGirl.jpg

by Doug's Limited Customs - St. Pauli Girl


by Unknown - 700 Millionth Reproduction

Custom - 700th SP7.jpg

by Unknown - 700 Millionth Reproduction

With 7 spoke wheels


by Unknown - Harley Davidson


by Unknown - CocaCola

Duracell Gen 2.jpg

by Unknown - Duracell

Only 25 made


by Unknown - Thrush

Brian-Annas 01.jpg

by Unknown - Made for Brian & Anna's Collectibles

Prototype - BobsBigBoy Fake 01.jpg

by Unknown - Bob's Big Boy Reproduction


by Unknown - M.U.S.C.L.E. Reproduction


by Unknown - Carol's Convenience Plus


by Unknown - Dinoenzo's Haulers

RIHWC Custom Christmas.jpg

by Unknown - RIHWC Custom Christmas

Signed With Custom Drawing by Alec Tam.j

by Unknown - Signed With Custom Drawing by Alec Tam


by Unknown - Duracell

13 of 25


by Unknown - Anaheim 2012


by Unknown - Krispy Kreme

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