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Hiway Hauler 2 - 82mm - 2012

This Malaysia made custom box truck has a metal body, a plastic base, box, exhaust and windows.

a. satin gold, black base and box, tinted chrome exhaust and windows, blue, red, white and gold billboard design w/a car and Hot Wheels logo on box, sp5bu. 2012 New Models #45

a factory.jpg

Factory Sealed 2012 Set

a short.jpg

Short Card

b. satin black, bright orange base, glow-in-the-dark box, olive, orange, and yellow Hot Wheels Halloween logo and flames on sides of cab, black and orange design w/”The Halloween Horror Show” on sides of box, sp5gn, Mal. Happy Halloween Kroger stores excl. (2013)


c. red, black base, chrome int., blue box, orange, white, and black design, Hot Wheels logo and “Hiway Hauler 2” on sides on box, pr5bk/or-rim, Mal. HW City – City Works #6 (2014)

c Factory.jpg

Factory Sealed 2014 Set

c short.jpg

Short Card

c Pit Stop.jpg

Hot Wheels City - Pit Stop Station

c2. red, as c, brown replaces orange in design, pr5bk/or-rim, Mal. HW City – City Works #6 (2014)

d. lt. blue, as c, gray box, met blue, lt. blue and yellow design, pr5bk/yw-rim, Mal. HW City – City Works #6 (2014)

d Factory.jpg

Factory Sealed 2014 Set

d short.jpg

Short Card

e. mtflk dk. blue, black base, chrome int., green box, red, white orange, white, and black interstellar design w/”UFO Parking” and “Nevada 190” on sides, sp5gn, Mal. HW Road Trippin’ #27 (2014)


f. white, black base, dk. gray int., black box, white melting snowballs on sides, white sp5bk, Mal. HW City – HW Art Cars #28 (2015)

f Factory.jpg

Factory Sealed 2015 Set

f short.jpg

Short Card

g. yellow, as f, chrome int., dk. blue box, yellow design. os5bk/bu-rim, Mal. HW City – HW Art Cars #28 (2015)

g Factory.jpg

Factory Sealed 2015 Set

g short.jpg

Short Card

h. black, red base, chrome int., gray box, red, white, blue, and black mountain design w/”Mount Fuji Expressing” on sides, sp5, Mal. HW Road Trippin’ #7 (2015)


i. silver, red base, chrome int., blue box, silver, red, white, and blue stars and stripes on sides, sp5rd, Mal. Star and Stripes series Walmart excl. (2016)

i set.jpg

Stars & Stripes Set

j. mf green, bright orange base, chrome int., black box, met blue, red, yellow, and white stripes and “HW Metro Automotive Paint Supply” on sides, pr5or, Indo. HW Metro 5-pack (2018)

k loose.jpg

k. yellow, black base, chrome exhaust and windows, yellow, black & red design w/”Lightning McQueen”, “95” and Lightning on box, sp5gd. Walmart exclusive

k blister.jpg
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