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American Hauler 9118 - 68mm - 1976

This moving van has a metal chassis, white plastic box, dark gray-tinted windows, rsw and was made in Hong Kong.

a. blue w/red & blue tampo, “American Hauler,” “Coast to Coast” & 3 stars on sides of box

AH a.jpg

Flying Colors (Multi color)

AH a 02.jpg

Flying Colors (Yellow)

RL Japanese Box 02use.jpg

Japanese Red Box - Red Line

RL Japanese Box use.jpg

Close up ofJapanese Red Box - Red Line

b. same as a, bw (1977)

AH b.jpg

Flying Colors (Yellow)

AH b 02.jpg

3 vehicle card

b - 6 pack.jpg

Truckin' Machines - 6 pack

American Hauler - Japanese box.jpg

Japanese Red Box - Basic Wheels

Japanese Box No Pic.jpg

Japanese Red Box - Stamped number

*There were two versions of the box, both had the Mattel Logo and 'ミニカ' (minika/minica). Some had a picture of the car with a printed number, and others had no picture but did have a small white box into which the number was stamped.

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