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Welcome to The Hauler Pages. I built this site as a place that you can find a complete listing of all Hot Wheels Hiway Haulers and similar castings. You will find listings for the American Hauler, Hiway Hauler (Generation 1), Hiway Hauler (Generation 2), Hiway Hauler 2 and the Hiway Hauler 3.0. Included in the list are Mainline Models, Limited Editions, Promotional Models, Leo India Releases, On Line/HWC/RLC, Convention, Code 3 Customs (from conventions), Prototypes. Also included are other castings like the Road King Truck, Airport Food Service and the Team Transport series.

There are also sections that cover releases by Matchbox, Corgi and Majorette. There is a "In Print" section that shows all types of printed material including ads, posters, E Sheets and more.


Thank you!


The Hauler Pages... owner/designer Wally Edwards, co-owners Ty McMahan,  Kevin Mangrum and Richie Hartley.

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